Patient Testimonial

Bronwyn Pfingston

At age 22, Bronwyn was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma brain tumor when she was seven months pregnant. Her first signs and symptoms were slight and attributed to her pregnancy such as nausea, headaches, having “ear ache” type symptoms. It was only after her right hand and knee began shaking and her right eye lid stopped blinking, that she went to her family physician who then ordered an MRI that ultimately diagnosed the tumor.

After a shunt placement surgery, she went into labor and ultimately delivered her baby six weeks prematurely. After her 11 hour tumor excision, she came to HealthSouth with right sided numbness and weakness, as well as generalized debility. Bronwyn said, “When I came to HealthSouth, I couldn’t do anything for myself and I certainly could NOT hold my newborn!”

During her stay at HealthSouth, “I felt encouraged from day one. All of the therapists and nurses believed I could do it.” Bronwyn said.  Many activities motivated her and ultimately ended with only a 13 day stay. She left walking, talking, and ready to be a mom.

Bronwyn is now 24 years old and doing everything a young mother does. She has had six total surgeries to correct her eye lid, hearing, and facial expressions. She still bears some right side facial dropping and right foot neuropathy, but is driving and living life to its fullest.


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