Outstanding Employee Achievement Award Forth Quarter 2015


Fourth Quarter 2015 Outstanding Employee Achievement Award
Eddie Gomez - Senior Manager Information Systems and Environmental Services

Eddie GomezEddie demonstrates a true passion and dedication to his job. He instills pride in his environmental services staff and this is evident in the quality of their work. Eddie leads his team by making sure our hospital is spotless and the rooms are thoroughly disinfected, it provides a great first impression for our patients, families and visitors. He has also teamed up with the infectious disease nurse to round throughout the hospital to check the cleanliness of our equipment and work areas.

In his role for information systems, Eddie is recognized in the hospital as the “go to guy” to solve any information technology (IT) issue - no matter how small or large the issue may be.

Eddie goes above and beyond to make sure that things run smoothly at our hospital around the clock. He often comes in at night to complete monthly computer updates so that there is no interruption to our business. He has recently been instrumental in setting up and managing the IT needs of our new unit expansion.

Eddie is known for his smile and quick wit. He has a great positive attitude and is dedicated to making our hospital great. This attitude and caring spirit is contagious and is one that we all “catch” when Eddie is around.

Source: HealthSouth Deaconess Rehabilitation Hospital

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